Meg's Check In November 2023

Hi There!

How are you? How has your week been?

We’ve decided to shake things up a little bit here at Meg Hawkins - and send a quick email out to you to check in and also keep you in the loop of everything that we have going on this week. Being a small business can be tough, and positivity is a tricky one - something that we always strive towards but it takes the occasional reminder to ourselves every once in a while that every second is worth it!

So, welcome to our new digital diary of sorts - don’t worry we won’t go all Bridget Jones on you! Just keep everything real and give you a greater insight into the world of our small Meg Hawkins Team.

How has the first week of November been? Positive really! Sure, there’s been the lows of uncertainty, Christmas is always a tricky season for people and it's reflecting in the retail world too - but we also spent the week photographing our brand new products (and they look fab!) and also productive meetings as to how we progress and focus on the rest of 2023. Hence why we’re trying to stay in contact with everyone - it’s one of the key points we know we struggle with and we’re trying to improve as business.

What do you find the most convenient way for people to stay in touch with you? Do you like emails? A phone call? Even a WhatsApp?

Let me know!